Our Comfiest Shoes for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time, and having the best shoes for those 9 months can make your experience as comfortable as possible. Being pregnant can affect our feet, making it important to find shoes that will keep you comfortable throughout. Finding pregnancy shoes that are right for you can be simple once you know the features to look for. 


The extra load of your baby or babies can put a lot of pressure on your feet, which is why it’s so important to give them a little extra care during this special time. After all, they’re carrying more than just yourself now! Many pregnant people also experience swelling of the feet, an increase in length, and a lowering of the natural arch of the foot. Finding the best shoes for pregnancy will ensure that whatever changes your feet go through, they are accommodated and kept in ultimate comfort. 


During pregnancy the feet can swell. This means that your feet will take up more space inside your shoes and you may find that you don’t even fit into your regular pair! Factoring this into what shoes you wear during your 9 months is essential. Investing in a pair of women's sneakers that have give, and can stretch without putting unnecessary pressure on your feet is vital during pregnancy. They’ll also be super-comfy to wear once your little bundle of joy arrives too.


You want to find the right shoes that can carry you through everyday of your pregnancy. This pair needs to be versatile, so that you can slip them on for work, leisure activities, and popping to the local shops. The best pair of shoes for pregnancy will keep you comfy with every step. For everyday sneakers during pregnancy, you should opt for a pair that provides you with added support.

If you’ve found that your arches have lowered during your pregnancy, a pair of shoes with an interchangeable insole that can be swapped out for a support insole is the perfect choice. Sneakers with arch support are truly some of the best shoes for pregnancy. This is because they can help to align your feet and ankles, relieving pressure on these joints.


Wondering which shoes are the best to wear to work during your pregnancy? We’ve got you covered. Finding the right pair that are both suitable for the office, but provide you with comfort throughout the day is essential. Sneakers for the office are a perfect choice. Their comfy nature, due to the stretch in the material and the flat soles will ensure you can focus on your work during the day, rather than your feet. For smart offices choose an all black pair that will fit seamlessly with your workwear, or for a casual option choose a bright pair of green or pink sneakers.

The best shoes for pregnancy shouldn’t add anything to your load. Due to their EVA soles, our knitted sneakers are also extremely lightweight. You’ll appreciate having lightweight sneakers the further you get through your pregnancy!


Nobody wants to go for a walk with uncomfortable feet. But even when pregnant, it’s important to get some steps in throughout the day. Finding the best shoes for walking when pregnant can help you enjoy strolls around your local area. You should choose a pair of pregnancy shoes that are ultra-supportive, and that also have a breathable fabric to ensure your feet stay comfortable throughout your journey.


At Giesswein our sneakers are made from high quality merino wool, making them the perfect pregnancy shoes. Our Wool Sneakers are made from our unique 3D-Stretch material. This material stretches and molds to the foot, so however swollen your feet are you’ll always have the perfect fit. Importantly, due to the stretch, these shoes for pregnancy won’t feel tight whilst you’re wearing them. They are also our lightest pair of sneakers, so will keep you feeling light as a feather however far along you are! Whilst keeping comfortable is a high priority during this time, that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice style. These shoes have a classic sneaker design and are available in a range of colours, so you’re sure to find a pair that fits seamlessly into your wardrobe! These sneakers look flawless with dresses, as well as with skirts and leggings. 

If you’re looking for a pair you can reach for everyday, our Merino Runners are a fabulous choice. Their stylish design can pair with any outfit, whether it be formal or casual. More importantly, they are designed for ultimate comfort. Made from soft merino wool, these shoes also feature the same stretch technology. They also feature a merino wool footbed, this gives you a cushioned feel with every step. These are some of our best shoes for pregnancy as the wool and footbed allows these to become barefoot shoes, so when you don’t want to confine your feet to socks you can still enjoy the comfort of these sneakers.

merino runners giesswein sneaker

Merino runners

We love our Wool Knit shoes for working whilst pregnant. The understated design is not only supremely enjoyable to wear, but also comes in a range of colours with options suitable for the office. For those who need to look sleek at work, we would recommend opting for our all black pair. However, if you can play around with your wardrobe at work, why not choose a fun colour such as lime, or bright green?

wool knit giesswein

Wool Knit

For when you want to be more active, our Wool Cross X sneakers can help you enjoy your favourite walks throughout your pregnancy. These are the world’s first high performance merino sports shoes, and they take full advantage of the properties of merino wool. They are moisture wicking, so will keep feet dry from sweat, as well as anti-bacterial so there’ll be no unpleasant odours at the end of your walk! They also have a micro-grip sole that allows them to act as slip resistant sneakers.

wool cross x giesswein sneaker

Wool Cross X


Being pregnant during the summer can be uncomfortable at times and you don’t want your shoes to add to this discomfort. The best shoes for pregnancy during the summer months should keep your feet cool and free from sweat. Our Wood Sneakers are the ideal choice. Made from sustainably sourced eucylyptus fibres, these sneakers for pregnancy have a cooling effect in hot temperatures - perfect for those sweltering summer months! The natural fibres also makes these sneakers breathable, meaning your feet will be kept feeling fresh through the day.

wood sneaker giesswein

Wood Sneakers


Sometimes your feet will need a break, even from the best shoes for pregnancy! Keeping your feet comfy in your home is simple with virgin wool slippers. Our super soft women's slippers are perfect for keeping swollen feet comfortable at home. The material is breathable and temperature regulating, so you will be kept at just the right temperature. Whilst the virgin wool midsole is a dream to walk on. You’ll never want to take these slippers for pregnancy off!

giesswein slippers



Once your little one has arrived you’ll want to ensure their feet are kept just as warm and cozy as yours. Our range of slippers for kids features pairs suitable for babies, through to small children. Made from soft and gentle cotton, they’ll keep your children’s feet comfy and safe all day long. 

toddlers slippers giesswein

Toddlers slippers


We are a family-run business focusing on innovative footwear made from merino wool. We pride ourselves on sustainability, and only use mulesing-free wool. From women’s and men's sneakers, to women's and men's slippers, we have a pair of shoes to keep the whole family comfy!

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