5 Benefits of High Arch Running Shoes

High arch running shoes are essential for runners with high arches in their feet. Ensuring you are properly supported with each stride could help you to feel comfortable with every mile. 



The arch of your foot is the curve you can see on the inside of your feet towards the centre. When it comes to footwear and arches the emphasis is often put on  shoes for flat feet. Despite this association, those who have higher arches are also in need of the right support. High arch running shoes are a  type of sneaker that boast supportive features to help maximise comfort.


Runners with high arched feet may find that they both under-pronate and overpronate. The arch of your foot is designed to absorb shock and stabalise you on your feet, a high arch can cause pronation. When an arch is particularly high these features don’t always work as effectively. This means that feet can roll both inwards and outwards, which is a potential hazard when on a run as it could end in a twisted ankle. A pair of high arch running shoes, such as women’s running shoes and men’s running shoes, can help to prevent this happening, allowing you to enjoy your favourite hobby carefree. 


High arch running shoes can bring many benefits to your sports excursions. With these incredible features you could find yourself being able to run stronger and for longer.

  • Cushioned - Protecting your feet from rolling is vital and cushioned running shoes for high arches can do just this. The padding helps to support your feet with every step.
  • Supportive - High arch running shoes should support your arch itself, helping it to absorb the impact of each step. Supportive running shoes, will often also be  shock absorbing shoes, allowing you to reach new speeds without being slowed down.
  • Stable - Being stable on your feet is essential whether you’re a beginner runner or a seasoned pro, and so high arch running shoes should offer this. Stability running shoes will ensure a strong foothold across all terrains.
  • Lightweight - Nothing should weigh you down whilst you’re on a run, which is why choosing lightweight running shoes is so important. With high arch running shoes that are lightweight you’ll feel light as a feather!
  • Durable - Running can put a lot of pressure on both our feet and shoes. Opting for a durable pair of high arch running shoes will ensure they last longer, supporting you on your fitness journey.
wool running shoe

Each of these features will keep you comfortable on every run you take in your high arch running shoes. From  trail running to a jog around your local park, you’ll never want to be without high arch running shoes once you’ve experienced these benefits. When choosing your next pair of  sneakers with arch support, keep each of these unique advantages in mind. 


Take on your next run in comfort with Giesswein’s Wool Peak sneakers that can be transformed into high arch running shoes with just an orthopedic insole! Crafted from  merino wool, our running shoes with high arch insoles are designed to give energy back to you whilst you run. It does this through light merino cushioning that propels you forward with every step. With these on your feet you’ll never want to run without Giesswein running shoes ever again.

  • Moisture Wicking - Merino wool is a  moisture wicking material. Wicking away sweat from your feet, you’ll feel dry on even your toughest challenges.
  • Temperature Regulating - In addition, this  type of wool is also temperature regulating. Keeping feet cool in hot weather, and at a comfortable temperature in cold weather.
  • Odour-Resistant - Due to the natural  antibacterial properties of merino wool, your new high arch running shoes will be odour-resistant. So you can wave goodbye to smelly shoes at the end of an intense run.
  • Go Sock Free - The soft nature of our Wool Peak high arch running shoes means you can go sock-free in comfort! Whether you’re using them as  barefoot trail running shoes or as everyday  barefoot shoes - you’ll appreciate the softness against your feet!
  • Weather Resistant - Running is a year-round hobby and having high arch running shoes that can take on every weather is vital. The wool is water-resistant and will keep you dry in unexpected showers. 
  • Slip-Resistant - The rubber sole of Giesswein’s high arch running shoes ensures excellent grip on even the most slippery terrain, brilliant in extreme weather conditions. 

Once you slip your feet into the Wool Peak, you’ll never look back. The unique durability of merino wool, combined with superior cushioning that gives energy back to you will ensure you are supported on every run. Reach new running peaks with our running shoes and supportive insoles on your feet now.


After you’ve pushed yourself on your latest run you want to come home to comfort and relaxation. Our  arch support slippers are the ideal way to ensure your feet are comfy at home. These  slippers have a rubber sole that provides unparalleled support, perfect for after a long run!

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