5 fall looks that keep your ears warm

The time has come: fall is back. Not only are the leaves falling, but so are the temperatures. A warm outfit for the colder days is once again in order and what you don't want to miss is the perfect beanie. It keeps your ears warm and can finish off your fall/winter outfit and make your style more casual, chic or sporty. There is a suitable hat for every style. We have prepared a guide with 5 different looks for you. Maybe it will inspire you for your own fall look!


If your wardrobe is more casual, you'll probably be drawn to our drop hem hats. Not only are they in line with current fashion trends, but they also keep your ears warm with their double layer of knit fabric. Our classic Beanie Lugauer and Cap Grimming, available in a variety of trendy colors, perfectly complement your casual fall style. Baggy denim pants, your favorite sneakers, a fine wool coat and a warm, cozy merino beanie can become your go-to outfit. Maybe Beanie Wildgrad, which doesn't have a folded hem but gives the impression of one thanks to its special knit pattern, will convince you too.

Cap Grimming Giesswein

to cap grimming


When you think of typical business looks, you don't think of beanies, because they tend to make outfits more casual - maybe because they're more often associated with leisure than with a chic outfit for the office and special occasions. But if you're looking for just that high-end chic, you could certainly fall for the Schwarzenstein cashmere beanie. This beanie not only convinces with its noble simplicity, but also with its supersoft fibers. Even softer than alpaca or merino wool, cashmere wool keeps your ears warm and gives you a chic look. Schwarzenstein offers the perfect finish for business outfits by pairing it with fabric pants or a skirt and a chic coat. Flaming red ballet flats will bring a subtle touch of color to rather muted work outfits.

schwarzenstein cap giesswein

to beanie schwarzenstein


The all-over knit style is on everyone's lips this season. Like every fall, knitwear is making a comeback in stores, and this year it's from head to toe. From long knit dresses to knit accessories like scarves, shoes, and beanies, to pant-pullover combinations, there's something for everyone. If you want to enhance your knitted look with a matching beanie, we recommend opting for chunky knit variants. Our Giebel beanie, for example, is a muted variant, while Setzberg shines with a flashier knit pattern. But maybe the Kulmkogel or Hochlantsch hat will suit you too! They match perfectly with our Wool Sneakers, which impress with their fine knit look in merino quality.

beanie giebel giesswein

beanie giebel


Although bobble hats don't necessarily appear in the fashion magazines this year, these classics can still be seen in 2022. Our beanies Setzberg, Hochanger and Tremmelberg convince with a matching wool bobble. Beanie Wunspitze and Auerspitz, on the other hand, offer an additional WOW factor thanks to the faux fur bobble. A short dress with tights would go wonderfully with this. You can then complete this style with a parka or lined denim jacket as well as matching boots. This style was in about 10 years ago and is making a comeback this fall. Take a look in your closet, maybe you will find one or two forgotten treasures that are back in fashion.

beanie setzberg giesswein

benie setzberg


Love outdoor activities and need something functional to keep your ears and head warm? Then take a look at our sports collection. Our GIESSWEIN sports beanies, such as Hohes Eis, Gehrenspitze and Gamsstein, bring out the best in merino wool. In addition to its warming properties, merino wool also impresses with its breathability and its temperature and moisture regulating properties. Even during demanding outdoor activities, you won't overheat. If you do sweat, the moisture is immediately wicked away from your body. Thanks to its self-cleaning properties, merino wool ensures that no unpleasant odors from perspiration are released. This makes it perfect for fall and winter outdoor activities. How about a matching merino sport jacket or maybe a pair of matching merino sport shoes? Take a look around our site and see for yourself the comfort and functionality of merino wool.

beanie hohes eis giesswein

to beanie hohes eis

Whatever style you choose, you're sure to find a hat that will keep your ears warm on cool fall days and cold winter days.

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Get the perfect beanie and make it through fall in style and with warm ears. Share your style with us at @giesswein_ with #giesswein on Instagram.

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